40 years Chinese brilliant future technology will give tourism: Tourism possibilities

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Original title: 40 years China brilliant future technology will give tourism: Tourism possibilities

The Internet technology is changing tourism (Tourism in China 40 years of glory)

Ali flying pigs to open a new journey

Newspaper reporter Zhao Shan

The establishment of the new alliance travel fly *.

Fly * for map

Recently, an industry to attract the public eye "new species" Hotel hotel. The guests into the lobby, is facing the robot welcome guidance. The guests on the electronic identity card or brush face machine self check in mobile phone. The hotel without a sense of ladder control, no contact gating will automatically face recognition, intelligent lighting guest room floor, open the door automatically...... This is the Alibaba built from the hotel - Philippines live cloth thirsty. Alibaba of industry digital transformation initiatives, play a positive role in the tourism consumption experience of traditional industries, the Alibaba group's travel brand * is flying. * fly from the date of birth on the Internet gene, set off a whirlwind in the tourism industry, it is different from the OTA (online travel agency), is also different from the traditional travel agency, it brings tourists more new ways to give the industry more new changes.

Create new ways for young people

Chinese tourists more and more now, especially young "90" and "after 95" full of curiosity for new things, the travel consumer demand diversity and individuality, their pursuit of high-quality tourism products, leading the tourism consumption upgrade.

Young people willing to niche destination and fresh gameplay into its travel list. Fly * fully meet the consumer needs of young people, "double 11" before flying * exclusive design covering Canada, Finland, the Russian Arctic Circle "global Aurora" series, as well as the Antarctic Tour and Japan small train tour, has been a lot of young tourists had put in the shopping cart. Fly * resort division general manager of foreign reports, this year * fly in the "double 11" flagship "travel pioneers man" "light burden travel" and "new era" cat family "travelers" six new travel attitude, all in the "after 95" group.

In the opinion of the president, Alibaba global division of Alibaba group senior vice president and President of Zhao Ying Fei *, "after 95" young group as the representative of the travel has become the main consumer groups, their consumption of increasingly high demand for personalized travel, quality, and the king of the whole link.

Build the Arctic, Antarctic, Japan Kyushu tourism destination IP, provide new ways for tourists is hitherto unknown, the unique path of flying * tourism, hoping to use experience, cultural sense, content attract and inspire young tourists value identity. In the past the traditional focus on outbound departure, but the tourists really care about is the destination. Fly * Deep Mining destination resource integration, as in the domestic general convenient travel experience for overseas tourists in China. Fly * IP production to Finland northern lights, Rovaniemi tourism trips increased by 4 times, become the European tourism town. Finland Alipay local consumption amount, from 2016 launch of Aurora IP to the first quarter of this year increased by 30 times.

Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong said the fly * not interested to do a OTA, also do not want to do a new OTA. Fly * want it or do a platform, an enabler, can use the technology, products and tools to help businesses. At the same time, IP also came flying * strategic new opportunities to the destination.

In Ali's Avenir Hotel, guest service robots are.

Fly * for map

Open the future travel technology

The Internet lets fly * use gene technology to create new tourism experience for visitors. The day before flying to Hangzhou * Xixi National Wetland Park as a model, to upgrade the "future scenic area" in intelligent ticketing, navigation, tourism scenic spot, the brain wisdom, networking and new retail payments, the use of technology and big data Ali Fu can provide intelligent solutions. Tourists flying * online booking or line scan code can purchase brush face park. The tour, intelligent small program can help visitors navigate, tour guide, shopping guide. Scenic spots can design different gameplay theme in the navigation platform, guide the tourists visit scenic routes, cross format activation "chizhuhang swim purchase entertainment". The future, no shops, scenic intelligent self-service vending machines and self-service ordering and a series of new retail tourism will also be available, allowing visitors to enjoy comfortable in XiXi Wetland.

In Wuzhen, the future of scenic spots will bring tourists surprise. Through Alibaba, ant payment service technical ability, platform ability, service ability, fly * will be fully upgraded to Wuzhen tourists to visit the scenic area management experience and ability. Zhao Ying said, "the future area of cooperation, Wuzhen is not only the heritage of thousands of years of cultural landscape, will become more let consumers see the next window, landing code sweep tickets, brush face, a face of admission, intelligent navigation tour Wuzhen technology products, will allow visitors to experience the science and technology brings the experience of ascension." It is reported that the next 3 year plan landing 1000 scenic scenic spots.

At the end of this year will be opened the first Avenir Hotel, Ali Philippines live cloth thirsty, will bring tourists accommodation experience hitherto unknown. In addition to the robot guidance, no sense of ladder control, no contact gating, the guests entered the room after the housekeeper, Tmall wizard smart speaker will be awakened, can be directly on the indoor temperature, lighting, curtains, television and voice control. The housekeeper sent guest room, water room service instruction, then there will be robots will be delivered to the room service. How about listening to some, cool it, it will be the first to support the whole scene of brush face hotel. Alibaba Avenir Hotel with science and technology way to make the hotel more scientific.

Previously, Marriott has collaborated with the fly *, Avenir Hotel mode or international hotel group will be learning reference, science and technology China travel experience to become the world of fashion.

Fly * ticket platform currently has attracted more than 70 domestic and foreign airlines to open flagship stores. Through our 600 million flagship store, airlines can direct dialogue with Ali's active membership. 600 million user covers personal and household consumption scenarios, financial payment scenarios, holiday scene, scene B2B the full dimensions of the scene data. The navigation company has a very strong attraction.

Big data into the new journey

As an Internet company data, Internet ecological innovation ability is the biggest advantage of flying *.

At present, the content of tourism products, brands and services is fragmented, no more contact with each other suppliers of all kinds, like an island of information. Zhao Ying said the fly * proposed the establishment of a new travel alliance is to joint global travel service providers, the National Tourism Bureau, and other high-quality partner Ali ecological productivity factors, to consumers as the center, opened the era of intelligent depth data connection, construct a new ecological link of the industry, hope that through the depth of interaction between industry partners and consumers around the world travel experience more and more beyond imagination.

The essence of the new travel alliance is big data and operation ability, has been stuck in the big data topic productivity level, the standard paradigm in travel industry. The mode of travel in the flying platform * settled shop 1 basis, started to break the single point into the connection of the 2 ecological cooperation, between the platform and the business from the hands to embrace. In the new travel alliance mode, flying * and businesses, Alibaba economies and businesses, businesses and businesses of different people, all connection points in multidimensional intertwined, will link penetration, covering the whole scene to provide travel services to consumers.

Zhang Yong said, launched a new travel alliance, it is with the hope that all businesses and partners, to work together for the digital economy and digital tourism era, to explore how to do digital travel industry.

May the future, technology will give unlimited travel.

(Liu Jia, even pure commissioning editor)