China's tourism is brilliant for 40 years: future technology will give tourism unlimited possibilities.

Zhao Shan

Original title: China's tourism is brilliant for 40 years: future technology will give tourism unlimited possibilities.

Internet technology changes tourism (40 years of brilliant tourism in China)

Ali * flying pig opens new journey

Newspaper reporter Zhao Shan

Flying pigs set up a new travel alliance.

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Recently, a hotel called the hotel "new species" attracted public attention. Guests entering the hall face the guidance of robots. Guests can check in on their cell phones by electronic ID card or face machine. The hotel's automatic touch control and no touch gating will automatically recognize the faces, and brighten the guests' floors and open the door automatically. This is Alibaba's own built and operated hotel, phanhu. Alibaba's initiatives to transform the industry digitally have played an active role in the traditional industry of tourism experience consumption, and the flying brand of Alibaba group's travel brand is representative. Flying pig has a whirlwind in the tourism industry since its birth. It is different from OTA (online travel agency), and is different from traditional travel agencies. It brings more new ways to tourists and brings more new changes to the industry.

Creating new ways for young people

Now more and more Chinese tourists, especially young "post-90s" and "95 after", are full of curiosity about new things. Their travel consumption needs are diverse and individual. They pursue high quality tourism products and lead the upgrading of tourism consumption.

Young groups are willing to include minority destinations and fresh play in their travel lists. Flying pigs fully meet the needs of young people. Before the "double 11", the "Arctic Aurora" series covered by Canada's Finland, Russia's Arctic Circle, and the "Antarctic Tour" and "Kyushu" small train tours of Japan were designed by flying pigs, and many young tourists were put into shopping carts early. The general manager of the flying pig resort office introduces the six new travel attitudes of the flying pigs in the "double 11" flagship "travel wasteland", "light duty travel", "new visiting relatives" and "cat brigade travelers", all aiming at the group of "95 after".

In the view of Zhao Ying, President of Alibaba's globalization department and senior vice president of Alibaba group and President of flying pig, the young group represented by "95 after" has already become the main force of travel consumption, and their demand for personalization, quality, full link and full scene consumption is getting higher and higher.

Creating IP, a tourist destination such as the Arctic, Antarctica and Kyushu, provides an unprecedented new way for tourists. It is a unique way for flying pigs to travel. It hopes to attract and inspire the value recognition of young tourists with a sense of experience, culture and content. In the past, the traditional outbound tourism mainly focused on the starting point, but in fact tourists really care about the destination. Flying pigs dig deeper to integrate destination resources, providing overseas Chinese tourists with a generally convenient travel experience at home. The birth of flying pigs Aurora Borealis IP has increased the number of tourists in Rovaniemi, Finland by 4 times, becoming a characteristic tourist town in Europe. The consumption of local Alipay in Finland increased by 30 times from the aurora IP in 2016 to the first quarter of this year.

Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong said flying pigs are not interested in duplication of OTA and do not want to make a new OTA at all. What the flying pig hopes is to make a good platform. A talented person can help businesses with technology, products and tools. Meanwhile, the strategy of flying pig IP also brings new opportunities for development.

In Ali's Avenir Hotel, the robot is serving the guests.

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Technology opens up future travel

The Internet gene enables flying pigs to create new experiences of tourism for tourists. A few days ago, flying pig took Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park as a model to upgrade the "future scenic spot", providing intelligent solutions in the aspects of smart ticketing, scenic brain, intelligent navigation, tourism new retail, Internet of things and payment. Visitors can brush their faces when they buy tickets or line up after flying tickets. When visiting, intelligent small programs can help tourists navigate, guide, guide and guide shopping. Scenic spots in the platform can be designed to play different theme play, guide tourists to play the line, activate the scenic area "eating, living, traveling, shopping, entertainment" cross format. In the future, a series of new tourism retail outlets such as unmanned stores, smart self service vending machines and self help meals will also be available for tourists to enjoy in XiXi Wetland.

In Wuzhen, future scenic spots will also bring visitors pleasant surprises. Through the technological capabilities, platform capabilities and service capabilities of Alibaba and ant gold clothing, flying pigs will upgrade Wuzhen's tourist experience and management capabilities. Zhao Ying said, "through the cooperation of future scenic spots, Wuzhen is not only a cultural landscape that inherits millennia, but will also become a window for consumers to see the future. The landing of products and technologies such as scanning the code, buying tickets, painting the face, entering the garden, intelligent guided tours, and a face tour of Wuzhen will give visitors a first-hand experience of the upgrading of science and technology." It is reported that the future scenic spots plan to land 1000 scenic spots within 3 years.

The first Avenir Hotel at the end of this year, the first Avenir Hotel, the Philippines, will give visitors an unprecedented experience of accommodation. In addition to robot guidance, no sense of ladder control, no touch gate control, after guests enter the room, the housekeeper Tmall smart smart speakers will be awakened, which can directly control indoor temperature, lights, curtains, TV and other voice control. Guests will send room service instructions such as food delivery and water delivery through housekeeper, then there will be a robot to deliver the service to the guest room. Well, listen to something cool. It will be the first hotel in the world to support the whole scene. The Avenir Hotel of Alibaba uses technology to make hotels more convenient and more scientific.

Prior to this, Marriott International Hotel Group has launched cooperation with flying pigs. The Avenir Hotel mode will be quoted by the international hotel group. China's scientific and technological travel experience has become the fashion in the world.

Flying pig's ticket platform has attracted more than 70 domestic and foreign airlines to open flagship stores. Through flagship store, the airline can directly talk to Ali's 600 million active members. 600 million users cover personal and family consumption scenarios, financial payment scenarios, holiday scenarios, B2B scenes and other full dimensional scene data. These are very attractive to shipping companies.

Big data into new travel

As an Internet data company, flying pig's Internet ecological innovation capability is its biggest advantage.

At present, the content, brand and service of tourism products are fragmented, and all kinds of suppliers do not have more contact with each other. It is like an isolated island of information. Zhao Ying said that flying pigs proposed the establishment of the new travel alliance, which is to combine the quality productivity elements such as global travel service providers, tourism bureaus of various countries, and Ali's eco partners, and take consumers as the center, open up the deep connection in the data intelligence era, and build a new ecosystem of the whole link connection industry. It is hoped that through the deep interaction of industry partners, the travel experience of global consumers will be more and more beyond imagination.

The essence of the new travel alliance is big data and computing power, which has been at the level of big data productivity at the topic level, and has a standard paradigm in the travel industry. The flying pig's travel platform mode began to break the single point cooperation into 2 of the ecological connection on the 1 basis of entering the shop, and the relationship between the platform and the merchants moved from handshake to embrace. Under the new travel alliance mode, flying pigs and businesses, Alibaba economies and businesses, businesses and businesses and other different subjects are producing multidimensional links with crisscross intersections, providing full link penetration and full scene travel services to consumers.

Zhang Yong said that the launch of the new travel Union aims to work together with all businesses and partners to jointly face the era of digital economy and digital tourism, and explore how to do well the digitalization of the travel industry.

In the future, technology will endow tourism with unlimited possibilities.

(Editor: Liu Jia, Lian pin Jie)