Guizhou tourism goods from Guizhou by boosting

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Original title: Guizhou by Guizhou Mountain Tourism boost goods

In order to realize the win-win development of tourism and characteristic of product sales, Guizhou Province recently issued the plan, from the "double eleven" this year, Guizhou characteristics of goods online purchase amount up to a certain amount of consumers, can obtain the Guizhou tourism scenic spot ticket electronic coupons.

According to the "Guizhou tourism goods" programme of activities from Guizhou power, Guizhou will build activity area in Jingdong, Ali, Suning electronic business platform, sales to Guizhou green agricultural products (including fresh and processed products) the Guizhou based specialty goods. The characteristics of goods online purchase amount up to a certain amount of consumers, obtain the tourist scenic spot ticket electronic discount coupons, buy tourist tickets with electronic coupons can enjoy the appropriate discount.

It is understood that the consumer purchases over 100 yuan, less than 200 yuan, can receive 10 percent off tourist scenic spot ticket discount coupon electronic 2; over 200 yuan, less than 500 yuan, can receive 20 percent off discount coupon electronic 3; over 500 yuan and above, can receive 30 percent off discount coupon 4 electronic. The effective date for the use of discount coupons at 0:00 on November 11, 2018 to December 31, 2020 24.

Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce responsible person, the event aims to play a leading role in promoting tourism, specialty products to sell electricity to tourism, specialty products sales of electricity supplier agglomeration tourism popularity, the realization of Guizhou tourism and the characteristics of product sales win-win development, further boost rural revitalization and poverty alleviation action.

(Li Yi, even pure commissioning editor)