Beijing City Park announces the "deciduous landscape area"

09 November 2018, 08:22 source: Beijing daily
Original title: Municipal Park announced "deciduous landscape area"

In the autumn of autumn, the parks and scenic spots of Beijing are colorful and beautiful. Yesterday, the two Ginkgo trees near the age of 600 years old, near the King Kong throne of the Beijing Museum of stone carving, attracted a lot of attention.

Newspaper reporter

Wu Yibin photo

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the city park management center that the City Park began to try to slow down the defoliation of the scenic spots, extend the viewing time and create a "deciduous landscape area" to preserve the natural beauty and garden interest of the fallen leaves. This year, the city park management center recommends the scenic spots of "falling in the clouds and remaining like frost" through micro-blog's @ @ Changyou park.

"There are many deciduous trees in Beijing's historic gardens, all of which are years old trees that grow for many years. Every autumn shows the landscape with fallen leaves everywhere." Zhu Yingzi, deputy director of the comprehensive management center of the city park management center, said that for the overall landscape, the effect of the leaves can be maintained for 1 to 2 weeks. The leaves just fallen are still protected by moisture and bright colors, and the irrigation with frozen water can still maintain good landscape effects. Some parks choose some scenic spots and trails to reduce the frequency of sweeping and preserve the beautiful scenery of "fallen leaves everywhere", so as to retain the autumn scenery for the public and extend the effect of classical gardens in the late autumn and early winter. When the moisture content of fallen leaves is reduced, it is necessary to concentrate on cleaning out the fire safety of parks. At the same time, according to the park management regulations, the main road of the park must be kept clean and tidy, and the leaves must be cleaned.

The golden autumn "leaf appreciation" activities of municipal parks have been opened in mid October, and the best viewing period of defoliation and early winter landscape will be welcomed this weekend. In the parks of Zhongshan, Beihai, yuyuetan and so on, the multicolored leaves, reed plants and ancient gardens of the famous gardens in the autumn sun reflect the scenery of remnant, reed, dried willow and all kinds of deciduous trees and shrubs.

Several Metasequoia trees on the shore of the Beijing botanical garden are particularly eye-catching. The tall trees and golden colors are echoed with the large reeds on the shore. From the Summer Palace to the North palace gate, Wanshou mountain and Suzhou Street are like scroll paintings. The red red Acer truncatum has added warm red to the building, and the golden leaves are decorated with Phnom Penh for longevity hill. Suzhou Street's post Creek River on both sides of wax, Acer truncatum, red smoke, Luan Shu, Pu Shu...... Colorful autumn leaves can be seen everywhere. The ginkgo Avenue between Nantan gate and the altar of the Zhongshan Park is known as the "landmark of Beijing and Autumn". The 18 ginkgo trees are all about 50 years old, and the leaves slowly fall down to lay a golden carpet on the ground. The wood in the Taoranting Park park is depressed, especially in the central island, with the best scenery in autumn and the most in autumn scenery.

(Editor: Li Yi, Lian pin Jie)