At the end of the year ushered in the Spring Festival travel peak travel spell false price unchanged from previous years

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Original title: the end of the year ushered in the Spring Festival travel peak travel spell false price unchanged from previous years

Near the end of the year, many workers began to leave the "reset", to fight fake tour reproduction hot scene. "Since the end of travel more price advantage, and is a popular destination for tourists and scenic spots is less, therefore, at the end of the peak travel are generally white-collar welcome to fight fake." relevant responsible person said, at present, many visitors choose over the Christmas and new year to fight fake, domestic cold, snow tour North South trend is obvious, and the off-season travel, shopping tours are popular outbound tourists favor.

At the end of the year to fight fake travel boom, most tourists choose even the weekend to make holiday travel, travel days basically in about 5 days. There are annual "surplus" to please even 6 days, the Christmas and new year's day together, a 11 long day "new year" tour.

2019 Spring Festival, Chinese tourism consumption is expected to set a new high. From the Spring Festival is two months, data from the large-scale tourism website, Spring Festival travel products have entered the peak booking. The overall price level, part of the line prices fell 5% ~ 10% than in previous years. The attention and bookings remain the highest in Japan and Thailand, Antarctica, South American countries, Canada, the Nordic countries become the dark horse.

"Tourism has become a consumer habits, especially during the holidays such as Spring Festival, it is the best time for Chinese family travel, long-distance travel." Outbound Ctrip responsible person Xiao Yinyuan told reporters.

Leave the "reset" of season tour increasingly popular

From the current product reservation trends, user choice of travel time is more dispersed, visible to the "zero" leave let workers no longer adhere to the traditional holiday, is more heart at play date selection, the peak trend highlights." Way cattle travel relevant responsible person said.

From the tourist point of view, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Shenyang and other places at the end of the year to fight fake holiday enthusiasm. At the same time, the end of the year to fight fake travel, "two people go" orders most couples, couples as the main force, followed by three or more people go. In the "reset" leave this matter, most users think that not only happy people happy. monitoring data show that as of now, the group of domestic tourism destination Leelawadee the top 10 were Hainan, Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, the northeast line, north line, Shaanxi. Can be seen from the South and North, winter snow tour tour is still at the end of the mainstream domestic travel choice.

Ice skating, skiing, swimming, hot springs, shangxue popular topics such as Heilongjiang, Harbin, Jilin, Changbai Mountain, Jilin and other places are still Beidahu this year snow tourism popular destination. In addition, due to the northwest in winter and spring tourism preferential measures to promote tourism and off-season prices downward, Inner Mongolia, Hulun Buir, Xinjiang, Aletai and other places also is expected to help the quality of ice and snow tourism resources and the colorful spring and winter tourism activities has become a new destination this year snow tour.

Exit direction "holidays" "shopping" "Aurora" as many tourists at the end of the year to fight fake travel keywords. The climate is warm, close, convenient visa from Thailand and Japan and Indonesia, the more popular. Among them, due to the impact of the recent Thailand free visa fee and open landing visa policy, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket Island and other places attracting many tourists, "Chiang Mai" and "Bangkok tour + Chiang Mai + Chiang Rai" Phuket Island "Chiang Mai + Chiang Mai" travel product sales line. At the same time, due to the impact of the Christmas shopping season, many young consumers will choose to exit during the Christmas festival activities and shopping carnival. For the love of the aurora tourists, this is the best season to go to the Arctic to see the aurora, Finland, Norway, Iceland and other countries in the Arctic is 80, 90 esteemed visitors.

The Spring Festival travel peak booking has been to the price unchanged from previous years

Xiao Yinyuan said, according to the tourism consumption upgrade, Spring Festival travel to family tour this year launched a large number of "private" products, 2 people can play together, enjoy the exclusive tour guide service, at the same time enjoy the tour with the group service and free flexible. "In Japan, Bali Island and so on many popular lines, 10 for tourists have a choice of 1 private corporations."

Book a flight to the destination s, has become a new trend this year. With the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Guangzhou Shenzhen high-speed rail, the Spring Festival this year by high iron and self driving to Hongkong to play the surge in demand. The Spring Festival this year, a new on-line Ctrip Hongkong destination offered products, consumers can own reservation big traffic itinerary design is not confined to popular destinations, will focus on the more popular Hongkong village and town, Hong Kong Style feel unique.

As of the end of November search and booking data, Ctrip platform 10 hottest destination for the Spring Festival in Japan, Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, China Italy, Vietnam, the United States, Turkey, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Maldives. Some short-term destinations such as Philippines and Kampuchea will enter the reservation peak within the next 1 months.

From next month in Japan 1 college students, 3 years, two to experience Chinese tourists to relax visa income requirements, this policy will benefit tens of millions of tourists. Some of the more niche destination during the Spring Festival holiday will gain a good number of trips, including Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Antarctica, Nordic, Mexico, Cuba and other destinations will force.

In addition, with the Chinese tourists all over the world, this year more and more tourists will look to the most distant distance Chinese continent, South America and antarctica. According to Ctrip proprietary data, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina south line to close off the growth in more than 100%. The Nordic Europe is a dark horse, Aurora, snow line popular with tourists.

China youth - Youth Online reporter learned that, although the U.S. dollar against the RMB exchange rate rise, but has little effect on the price of the Spring Festival, basically unchanged from previous years, the outbound tourists choose favorable. "This kind of large Ctrip outbound travel agencies, and airlines, overseas hotel and Tourism Bureau have reached a long-term cooperation, through large-scale ground procurement to reduce costs, so that consumers get a higher price." Xiao Yinyuan said.

In addition, Ctrip responsible said that the Spring Festival if people go out from the destination, especially to find some new destination, you can choose Serbia + Bosnia, at present, the two to have China visa for tourists, you can go to the white passport. In addition to Turkey, Kenya in East Africa and Tanzania also in the off-season, the Spring Festival can be considered to avoid peak travel.

China youth - Youth Online Source: Chinese Youth Daily reporter Yan Guangzhe

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