At the end of the year, the price of outbound travel during the Spring Festival is the same as in previous years.

06 December 2018, 07:17 source: China Youth News
Original title: at the end of the year, the price of the Spring Festival outbound travel is the same as in previous years.

Near the end of the year, many office workers began to "clear" the annual leave, and fake travel to reproduce the hot scene. "At the end of the year, travel prices are more competitive and tourists are less popular in scenic spots and popular destinations. Therefore, the peak season is generally welcomed by white-collar workers." related responsible person said that at present, more tourists choose to spend holidays during Christmas and new year's day. The trend of cold weather and northbound ice and snow travel is obvious in the south, while anti season tourism and shopping tours are quite popular among outbound tourists.

At the end of the year, most tourists choose to travel together for 5 days or so on a two-day weekend. There are also those who are entitled to "6 days off" to make Christmas and new year's day a 11 day "farewell to the old to welcome the new year".

In the Spring Festival of 2019, the consumption of Chinese tourists is expected to reach a new high. Two months from the Spring Festival, data from large tourism websites show that the Spring Festival outbound travel products have entered the peak. The price is flat, and the price of some lines is 5% to 10% lower than in previous years. At present, Japan and Thailand still have the highest attention and bookings. Antarctica, South America, Canada and Scandinavia are all black horses.

"Tourism has become a habit of living consumption, especially holidays like Spring Festival, which is the best time for Chinese people to travel and travel long distances." Xiao Yinyuan, director of Ctrip outbound travel, told reporters.

Annual holiday "zero" anti season travel is increasingly popular.

"From the current trend of product reservation, the travel time chosen by users is more dispersed. It is clear that the annual leave of" cleared "will no longer stick to traditional holidays for office workers, and will be more casual in choosing the date of play. official said.

From the point of view of tourists, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Shenyang and other places have the highest enthusiasm for travel at the end of the year. Meanwhile, at the end of the year, the "two people traveling together" had the largest number of orders, the couple's files and husband and wife files were the main force, followed by three people traveling together or many people traveling together. On the issue of "cleared" annual leave, most users think that music alone is not as good as music.

According to's monitoring data, as of now, the top 10 destinations for domestic tour destinations at the end of the year are Hainan, Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Northeast China, Sichuan, Hunan, North China, and Shaanxi. From this we can see that the South cold ride and the northbound ice and snow tour are still the mainstream choice of the domestic tourism at the end of the year.

The theme of skiing, skating, hot spring, snow watching and so on are popular in Heilongjiang. Harbin, Jilin, Changbai Mountain and Jilin are still popular destinations for this year's ice and snow tourism. In addition, due to the promotion of tourism in the winter and spring in the northwest and the reduction in the price of off-season tourism, Inner Mongolia, Hulun Buir, Xinjiang and Aletai are also expected to make use of high quality ice and snow tourism resources and splendid winter and spring tourism activities to become the new destinations for this year's ice and snow tourism.

Exit direction, "holiday", "shopping" and "Aurora" become the key words of many tourists at the end of the year. The climate is warmer, the distance is closer, the visa is convenient in Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and other places are more popular. Among them, due to the recent Thailand free visa fees and the opening of electronic landing visa related policies, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket Island and other places to attract a large number of tourists to visit, "Chiang Mai one place" deep tour and "Bangkok + Chiang Mai" Chiang Mai + Chiang Rai "Phuket Island + Chiang Mai" and other line tourism products sell well. At the same time, because of the impact of the Christmas shopping season, many young consumers will choose to leave for festivals and shopping carnivals during the Christmas season. For tourists who like aurora, it is the best time to see aurora in the Arctic area. Finland, Norway, Iceland and other Arctic countries are highly praised by post-80s and post-90s tourists.

The peak of the Spring Festival outbound travel booking has been flat until the previous year.

Xiao Yinyuan said that in view of the upgrading of tourism consumption, the Spring Festival outing was mainly based on family tourism. This year, a large number of "private group" products were launched, and the 2 people could become a group and enjoy exclusive tour guide services. "In Japan, Bali Island and many other popular routes, 1 of the 10 applicants have chosen private groups."

Booking a ticket to the destination to join the group has also become a new trend this year. With the opening of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and the Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong high-speed rail, the demand for Hongkong's high-speed rail and self driving this Spring Festival has surged. Ctrip has launched new Hongkong's destination products this Spring Festival. Consumers can independently book big traffic, and itinerary design is not limited to popular destinations. They will also focus on Hongkong's less popular villages and towns, and feel the unique port style.

Up to the end of November, the 10 largest destinations for Ctrip's highest Spring Festival were Japan, Thailand, China, Hongkong, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Vietnam, the United States, Turkey, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and Maldives. Some short term destinations, such as Philippines and Kampuchea, will enter peak bookings in the next 1 months.

From January next year, Japan will relax visa revenue requirements for Chinese students who have experienced two trips to Japan in 3 years. This policy will benefit tens of millions of tourists. Some smaller destinations will be able to make good trips during the Spring Festival, including destinations such as Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Antarctica, four Nordic countries, Mexico and Cuba.

In addition, with Chinese tourists playing around the world, this year more and more tourists are casting their eyes on the most distant continent, South America and Antarctica. According to the data from Ctrip, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina and Antarctica are gaining more than 100%. The four Nordic countries are black horses in Europe, and Aurora, ice and snow routes are popular among tourists.

China Youth Daily Zhongqing online reporter learned that although the exchange rate of the US dollar rose against the RMB, it had little effect on the price of the Spring Festival product, basically unchanged from previous years, and it was favorable for tourists to choose outbound travel. "Ctrip", a large outbound travel agency, has achieved long-term cooperation with airlines, overseas hotels and tourism bureaus. It will reduce the cost through large-scale procurement, so that consumers can get higher cost performance. Xiao Yinyuan said.

In addition, Ctrip is responsible for saying that if people leave the crowded places of the Spring Festival, especially when looking for new destinations, they can choose Serbia + Bosnia and Herzegovina. At present, these two destinations have already been free for Chinese tourists, and the white passports can go. In addition, Turkey, East Africa's Kenya, Tanzania and so on are also in the off-season, so we can consider the Spring Festival to avoid peak trips.

China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter Yan Guangzhe source: China Youth Daily

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