Change of enforcement is not a ticket refund airline only return building fuel costs

2018 12 06 April 08:12 source: Beijing daily
Original title: Airlines only return building fuel costs

Since July this year, the Civil Aviation Authority issued a ticket back to the new change, the implementation of the airlines? Reporter survey found recently, after widespread change, special offer ticket refund fee shall not refund the fare that is substantially improved, but the airline ticket back to change the implementation of the new deal is not strict, some airlines charge unreasonable division ladder.

Only the back building fuel costs still exist

The day before, Ms. Peng Beijing to China news network quality complaints reflect the domestic buy their own discount tickets through Ctrip, the refund process, Ctrip booking system should show refund and ticket money as much.

Ms. Peng Beijing to buy Zhuhai economy class ticket discount fare is 990 yuan, the price of 2030 yuan, equivalent to half price. Because, Ms. Peng travel request a refund, but Ctrip system shows the refund fee is 990 yuan, and the purchase amount of the same.

In this regard, Ms. Peng contact Ctrip said it is "customer service, the other in accordance with the provisions of the airlines". Ms. Peng went to Air China's official website to the customer to understand the situation. She was informed that in the Air China's regulations, this discount belongs to the "low discount", change back the corresponding really only back taxes. Ms. Peng ordered the flight ticket is still on sale, the fare increase 1400 yuan. "I set the ticket from the flight departure is 3 days, the airlines sell a higher price in the case can also charge the full refund fee is not reasonable." Ms. Peng think.

It is understood that the special offer ticket refund fee for full payment are Chinese airlines, Shenzhen airlines, Shandong airlines, Qingdao airlines, Sichuan airlines, China Eastern Airlines, will return the fuel costs of machine building.

Step rate division is too simple.

Since the special offer ticket shall not be returned and even change the cost is higher than change back the fare itself is very common. But this situation change ushered in the 7 months of this year. The Civil Aviation Bureau issued the "notice" on improving the work of civil aviation ticketing service, clear airlines to determine a reasonable ticket refund change fees, refund fee shall not be higher than the actual sales price of the ticket. To make change ticket refund fees "ladder rates, according to different fare levels and time nodes, set reasonable echelon charges, not simple provisions are not allowed to change back the special offer airline ticket.

The day before, the Civil Aviation Authority announced that all the 50 passenger airlines have submitted the ticket refund change rectification report, most airlines have said the current retreat change fee standard was revised, the current took off 2 hours before and after the two time node to multiple file file nodes, special offer tickets can be rescheduled or refund conditions. At the same time, most of the airline's official website, APP to achieve full channel tickets rescheduled and refunds, and on-line or about on-line speed refund function.

But in the actual implementation, Airlines special offer ticket refund fees not a schedule change, there is a large difference in the charge of the executive ladder.

Reporters randomly selected Ctrip official website of the special offer ticket check, Chinese Airlines Beijing to Shanghai 74% off economy class ticket, only return built fuel, not allowed to change, not to sign; Shenzhen Airlines Beijing to Chengdu 80 percent off economy class ticket, the fare is 340 yuan, only refund back machine built fuel, regardless of the time was 272. Beijing to Hangzhou Air China yuan; 89% off tickets 270 yuan, only refund back machine built fuel costs, rescheduled fees divided into two time periods, respectively, 81 yuan and 135 yuan.

Airlines also change back are set multiple time step. As China Southern Airlines in Beijing in December 8th to Wuhan 86% off tickets, the price is 300 yuan, take off 2 hours before the unsubscribe refund fee of 150 yuan, 2 hours to charge 300 yuan. In addition, Eastern Airlines set up 3 period of retreat change ladder fees, Hainan airlines set up 4 step charge. For the above price, Ctrip is marked "not to accept any back service fee, the specific costs according to the airline's official website shall charge".

The ticket specification to next year

From August to October this year, the Consumer Protection Committee of Zhejiang province and the third party agency, take consumer survey and unannounced visits to experience in two ways, the 18 domestic airlines and 8 third party ticket platform to implement the Civil Aviation Administration of the "notice" on improving the work of civil aviation ticketing service situation investigation.

The survey found that 16 Airlines simply set a time node to distinguish refund steps, such as Air China just before take-off and take-off after two stages, different charge refund fees; auspicious Airlines only "take off two hours before and two hours before departure after the two stages.

Experience also found that the airline staff to change return fare ladder fuzzy concept, and even individual airline customer service staff to step back and change rules of knowledge.

"The airlines should enhance the return fare ladder change rationality, can refer to high iron echelon refund policy, not the one set before takeoff and took off after the two stages of the fare, but set more reasonable time, more reasonable proportion." Zhejiang Province, the Consumer Protection Commission recommendations.

The reporter was informed that the improvement of ticket service work requirements will eventually implement to the ongoing revision of the "civil aviation passenger transport service management regulations" in china. The new regulations to be formally introduced next year, when the standard ticket service work will be included in the legal system, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of passengers will follow. Newspaper reporter Dong Yuhan

(Liu Jia, even pure commissioning editor)