Baidu recommends high imitation visa website, Fudan professor and so on.

06 December 2018, 08:22 source: beijing morning post
Original title: Baidu recommends high imitation visa website, Fudan professor and many others cheated.

Yan Feng, a professor at the Chinese Department of Fudan University, said he had searched for a website called "Turkey visa center" through Baidu in Turkey for an electronic visa, and spent $129 on the visa. Later found that the top two Baidu search results are third party intermediaries, so that he spent almost twice the cost. A press survey found that visas in Turkey, Kampuchea and other visas granted to Chinese citizens through Baidu search appeared in the top two search results, which were highly imitated websites operated by the same company. Baidu Inc customer service responded that Baidu in the search results are marked which search results are advertising, consumers can distinguish themselves.

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Can Baidu tell us the rules of search ranking?

Lu Amu ah ah: I usually see two words of advertising will not point.

Speed up the jam: at noon today, I checked the medicine on the back of Baidu for acne. After an hour, there was a beauty salon calling to ask if I wanted to try their package.

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