The reform and opening up the 40th anniversary series of reports

Move from cash to pay the travel to change people consumption habits

Liu Jiatianhu

In December 2018 06, 08:52 source: - Travel Channel

In a Singapore Sentosa Hotel reception, China visitors are using a mobile phone to pay.

Once a day in the country are difficult, and now want to go abroad to go abroad; have bags back to buy things, and now more and more rational consumption; once a large sum of cash money package travel, now a card, a mobile phone all over the world...... 40 years of reform and opening up, the change of tourists consumption mode, mapping the Chinese people to improve the level of consumption, witnessed the rapid development of economy Chinese.

From love to bring cash to use mobile payment

Many years ago, the travel agency manager hands waving flags in a foreign country, foreigners may not realize, after China tourists will become a local tourist market, the main consumer groups".

The earliest visitors need to swap in advance before going abroad for a long time, with the cash when traveling abroad is always afraid of the money lost; then more and more attractions, shops can use bank cards, credit cards, cash out with less; but in recent years with the emergence of mobile payment, holding with Alipay, WeChat mobile phone more convenient payment, Chinese tourists no longer carrying bulging wallet out on the street.

Alipay announced the day before the data show that this year the eleven golden week, the whole world has 40 outbound destination without my wallet, mobile payment support. Alipay international business department director Chen Jiayi said that during the golden week, where Alipay has increased by an average of ten times, can be said to be China tourists brought to the global mobile payment. In addition, the "60" after the number of overseas travel consumption increased by 9, which means that more and more Chinese aunt, China uncle chose the mobile phone payment at the time of departure.

Hold the phone scan code can refund

Since the reform and opening up, outbound tourism continues to heat up, Chinese tourists spend on increasing the taxes are more and more. Global blue (GlobalBlue) released data show that 2013 China consumers shopping rebates amounted to 30 billion, ranking first in the world, but this 30 billion tax accounted for only 70% of the total, that year Chinese "waste" taxes of about 10 billion euros, about RMB 80 million. It is Chinese to refund? One of the main reasons for tax refund is not generally, less trouble and so on, swap.

For the convenience of tourists, many simple tax rebates came into being. United started from 2007 years of business tax money, in cooperation with the six major European tax group, covering nearly thirty countries to support hundreds of thousands of rebate merchants, visitors can return online tax rebate, the fastest 7 days can arrival, the highest return 27%. 2017 years, Alipay real time in Italy, Germany and other European airport tax rebate pilot scan code. Today, Alipay refund service has covered 29 countries and regions in the world. Visitors fill out the Alipay account, will be on the spot to tax my account, eliminating the trouble of swap.

"Buy buy buy" become more and more rational

Data show that in 2015 China's citizens outbound tourism 117 million passengers, tourism spending $104 billion 500 million; in 2016 the number of 122 million passengers, tourism spending $109 billion 800 million; in 2017 the number of 130 million passengers, $115 billion 290 million.

Chinese tourists outbound tourism spending while more and more, but with the upgrading of consumption structure, buy buy buy items from the beginning to now luxury living supplies, consumption has been increasingly more rational, Chinese tourists consumption concepts and habits are changing.

CYTS travel network senior manager said, at the beginning of Chinese tourists abroad, love to buy is luxury brand bags, etc., and now increasingly high proportion of small pieces of life. "A trip abroad, the basic members of hand bag, some even buy a lot of packages. There is a stage, tourists are keen to buy toilet cover, electric cookers and other household electrical appliances. Now this scene has been rare, often is the cosmetics, delicacy and exquisite small gifts to buy more and more small life."

The tourists began to pursue the spiritual satisfaction

In the new era of cultural development and integration of tourism, in addition to the material level, the tourists also began to pursue the spiritual satisfaction. Data Chinese Tourism Research Institute showed that eleven holiday this year, more than 90% tourists participated in cultural activities, go to the museum, art museum, library and museum visitors reached more than 40%, the cultural scenic area overall bookings grew more than 36%. Among them, Xishuangbanna Dai "show" sustained by tourists, holiday attendance remained at 70% above; Anhui Anqing held the eight session of Chinese (Anqing) Opera Art Festival, which attracted more than 3 visitors feel the atmosphere of Huangmei opera.

Dai Bin Dean Chinese Tourism Research Institute pointed out that the core demands of new era tourists are turning to a better life from the beautiful scenery. "Catering, shopping, watching the live performance is required for the visitors, but it is not good in different places all of life, this requires the cultural undertakings and cultural industries and tourism industry as a whole, we can follow the past exploration and Michelin guide to travel, why not today's young people can follow the B station, trill go on a trip? The feelings and cultural tourism has always been the organic unity of the world."

(Liu Jia, even pure commissioning editor)